Almost Monday: New Music & What Makes Them a Great Band

by Natasha Melina

The California bred pop trio Almost Monday stars vocalist Dawson Daugherty, Luke Fabry who plays bass, and Cole Clisby on guitar. With much of their life and music being inspired by sunny California, the group manages to share the light and good vibes through their music. 


In 2020, Almost Monday released their debut EP don’t say you’re ordinary” consisting of four tracks. The release has had a tremendous amount of success with fans of the band and new listeners alike enjoying the groovy and danceable tunes with fresh and relatable lyrics. Their tracks “Broken People” and “Parking Lot View” have nearly surpassed a million views on Youtube and are also breaking records on streaming platforms. 



Making their music even better is knowing the collaboration and brotherhood behind it all. Dawson shares that he and Luke have known each other and been friends since they were kids growing up together with the dream of starting a band. By chance, he met Cole as a teenager while they were surfing and when he found out that Cole played guitar, things started adding up. 


Although we now know the three friends and bandmates as Almost Monday, there was a point in high school where they started a band and were called The Monday’s until they discovered the name was taken. So Almost Monday was almost The Monday’s! 




Following the success of their EP, Almost Monday is happily delivering more new music with the recent release of their single “This is Growing Up” which radiates a strong feeling of nostalgia for one’s youth. As soon as you play the song, you’ll be hit with a whirl of different feelings, happiness, sadness, curiosity, the desire to dance along to the catchy pop beat!


Dawson says “I feel like one of the biggest reasons I got into music is to bring joy to people’s lives. Going to shows has always been for me, one of my favorite things in life.” Although they haven’t been able to perform shows over the past year, this will change soon as they are set to take the stage at Bonnaroo this September.


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