Associations of Latino men and women in the United States

Discover the role of Latino men’s and women’s associations in the United States; organizations that are born with the aim of helping this type of emigrants to establish themselves in this country, achieving their integration within their professional development and where they can have their own spaces and more.

What is this type of association about?

They are associations of Latino men and women in the United States, created with the objective of providing help and guidance to this type of emigrants, so that they achieve complete integration within the territory of this country.

An example of them is Lantinas USA, created in 2011 for social purposes and in charge of which the birth of their own spaces for Latina women is guaranteed; within which they are culturally advised so that they continue to grow, regardless of their educational or professional level.

Within this type of institutions that are mostly non-profit, processes are followed within which different lifestyles and beliefs are admitted to favor the relationships of human beings; creating spaces within which their duties and rights are taken into consideration, in favor of their growth as a community.

Associations of Latino men and women in the United States

As part of the Latino men’s and women’s associations in the United States we can mention Esperanza United; an organization created in order to put an end to gender violence, founded in 1982 by a group of Latino activists with their children; interested in offering emergency shelters for all those who need it.

His presence in the United States was necessary by virtue of the analysis carried out in matters of domestic life; after which it was evident that at least one of three Latina women in this country were subjected to violence within the home.

Within Esperanza United, a framework was established based on support activities for Latino communities; with the objective of promoting their security, self-sufficiency and connectivity with North American citizens.

It should be noted that the majority of Latino men and women come from countries such as Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and El Salvador; However, this group is also completed with immigrants of Guatemalan, Colombian, Honduran nationality and more.

All these Latinos are distributed throughout the United States; West Los Angeles being one of the regions that registers the largest number of Latinos; but there are also many Latino communities in unexpected places like the city of Lawrence in Massachusetts.

The fact is that both the residents of these communities and the social services are interested in the harmonious coexistence of all those who live and share the American dream; for which it promotes and gives life to associations of Latino men and women in the United States.

As part of this, it is possible to cite different types of Mexican-American organizations present in the southwest of this country; those that represent social mobilizations for equality that are also joined by organizations such as the League of United Latin American Citizens, the Community Service Organization and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, among some others.

Latino men and women experience upon their arrival in the United States a series of obstacles to achieve their integration within the communities they have chosen as their residence; Therefore, on many occasions they need the support and guidance of these associations to find a place where they fit in and that allows them to obtain their economic support.

Added to this is the fact that their children also need to continue their healthy development and educational growth; For this reason, they are included within the objectives of the associations of Latino men and women in the United States in order to guide them in the right direction, preventing them from following a wrong path that leads them to be delinquents.

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