Caribbean Films presents “The Life of the Kings”, the cinema story about the talented & humorous Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes

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“La Vida de los Reyes” the story made into a movie, about the humorous and talented Raymond Pozo and Miguel Céspedes, will soon be seen on movie screens. It portrays the careers of these two scathing artists from childhood to present day.

The film, directed by Frank Perozo, is a Caribbean Cinemas production starring Raymond and Miguel. For the stars of this film, it is a dream come true. They tell the reality lived throughout their careers, never imagining the story would be told on the big screen. In fact, it never crossed their minds that humor would unite them or would make them family.

With careers spanning more than 25 years this film includes many people who played important roles in the lives of Raymond and Miguel. Several important characters were played by the veteran actors like Judith Rodríguez, Alexandra Fuentes, Héctor Aníbal, Evelyna Rodríguez, Ramón Candelario, Augusto Feria, Paula Disla, Jorge Pabón “Molusco,” and special appearances by Carlos Sánchez and Diomary La Mala.

For the first time on the large screen, Raymond Pozo Jr. and Michel Céspedes, sons of the Kings, had the honor of playing their fathers in their youth.

Raymond and Miguel expressed their gratitude to God for always being their guide in each project they undertake. They also thanked everyone who helped this project materialize. They were key players in achieving their vision of leaving a legacy to a new generation.

“With this film we want everyone who goes to the cinema to find motivation to get ahead, to regain faith, and find a way to fulfill their dreams,” mentioned the Kings.

Zumaya Cordero, executive of Caribbean Films, said, “It was a great challenge for our company to tell the story of Raymond and Miguel and what they both represent in   Dominican entertainment. We are happy with the final result. With the premiere of “La Vida de los Reyes” on December 2, it is the best way to close out the year, with a film full of humor and family values. In the same way, we will have a simultaneous premiere in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean islands. In January 2022, the film will premiere in the USA, Panama, and other markets.

The film has the support of main investor, La Cervecería Nacional Dominicana with its Presidente brand, as well as Altice Dominicana. The production is grateful for the collaboration of sponsors Jumbo supermarkets, Café Santo Domingo, Arroz Campos, and Induveca. They also thank General Directorate of Cinema (DGCINE) for all the support that everyone has given to this production.

Ramón Figueroa Pozo, better known as Raymond Pozo (Jamey, San Cristóbal, August 8, 1969), is a Dominican comedian, actor, and television presenter. He is also known as “The King of Tongue Twisters”.

He began to do humor during the 1990s in a sketch program called Caribe Show with a group of comedians. Here, he met his eventual inseparable partner, Miguel Céspedes, and they would later become comedy stars in the Dominican Republic.

He has gone through several television programs such as, The Arab Show, Caribbean Show, The 12 O’clock Option, Stay there, Trapped, and Titirimundati.

Raymond gained fame for his work as the character of “El Hermano Tazo,” known for reciting tongue twisters. He was also popular for his parodies and comedies with Lip Synchrony, recorded with music producer, Henry Rafael Acevedo, known as “Fuerza Delta”.

He currently produces and hosts  “El Show de Raymond y Miguel” that is shown via Color Vision.

Miguel Céspedes (Las Matas de Farfán, Dominican Republic; October 12, 1970) is a Dominican comedian, presenter, and actor.
He got his start in the entertainment world as a folkloric and mangulina dancer at the Luis Manuel Caraballo Club in the Juan Pablo Duarte neighborhood. His first character was as a salesman from China and people liked him. Céspedes attended cultural clubs and participated in works that were carried out in neighborhoods where he lived. Céspedes began working in the Mercado Nuevo in Santo Domingo for a salary of twelve pesos to pay for his secondary studies.

After having been in several groups, he entered the Explosión Group where he made satiric presentations and phonomimics. Recordings were made in the mini musical studio of audiovisual producer, Henry Rafael Acevedo of Fuerza Delta. They recorded a Rap they called Rap of the Black and/or Cricket. It was not their style, but they accepted the challenge. They recorded the song with the vocal participation of Frank Suero and Miguel Céspedes. It was a success in the streets and the nightclubs of the island. With this and his incomparable performances, he managed to start his first record company called Taisha Records and as well as get visas for the whole group, Céspedes. After traveling and performing in much of the United States, he became part of television programs such as Caribe Show, The 12 O’clock Option, Stay there, Atrapados, and Titirimundati, the first television sketch programs in the Dominican Republic. There he met his alter ego and friend, Raymond Pozo.

He currently produces and hosts “El Show de Raymond y Miguel” transmitted by Color Vision every Sunday with Raymond Pozo.

Diomary was born on May 28th, in the beautiful city of San Francisco de Macorís, in the Dominican Republic. In 1991, she emigrated to the United States and it was in New York where she began to experiment in show business, with the help of Félix D’oleo. This is how the singer was born. Due to her versatility, she continued to experiment and invented an alternative in the world of entertainment. She became the pioneer of a karaoke movement in Spanish. She was recognized for her work in important communications media such as Despierta América, Ver Para Creer, Primer Impacto, and Daily News.

In 1996, she created her own corporation, “RDK Entertainment,” utilizing her degree in Business Administration from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Nordestana. Due to her vocal and professional growth in music, several producers invited her to their recording studios, opening the door to accompany several international artists such as Sophy, Braulio, Amaury Gutiérrez, Francisco Céspedes, Ana Barbará, and Álvaro Torres.

In 2006, she released her first record production in the tropical genre, entitled “January 2,” with the great musical producer, Efrain (Junito) Dávila and the collaboration of musicians such as Luisito Quintero and Rubén Rodríguez. Diomary stands out as singer-songwriter of love and heartbreak songs.

She is currently the main pastor of Centro Cristiano Soplo de Vida (CCSV), one of the fastest growing churches in the capital of the Dominican Republic.
She is a writer of high-impact books in the Christian and secular fields. Titles include “I Challenge You to Grow” and “Reposition Yourself and Rebuild with the Pieces,” characterized by words of empowerment, strengthening, and instruction from the Lord, in a firm and confrontational way. Committed to the task of bringing the message of salvation, restoration and the life of God, Pastor Yesenia is dedicated to reaching lost souls. She is fulfilling the great commission of sharing the gospel, an assignment she carries out through communications media such as radio, television, and social networks.

Caribbean Cinemas is a chain of movie theaters in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. It is the only major chain in Puerto Rico following CineVista’s bankruptcy. The chain has expanded into Dominican Republic, Panama, St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Antigua, Aruba, Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana and Guadeloupe.

In 2005, Caribbean Cinemas bought the second floor CineVista location at Plaza Las Américas after it was closed by the latter company; reopening under the Caribbean Cinemas brand as the largest of the chain, with 17 theater halls. In 2007, CineVista also closed its location on the second floor of Plaza del Norte before declaring bankruptcy and ultimately going out of business. Caribbean Cinemas also opted to buy out the empty space five years later and reopened as Caribbean Cinemas in May 2012 with 5 theater halls and one in 3D. In October 2016, Caribbean Cinemas announced that a new location, and its first premium format, dubbed Caribbean Cinemas VIP, would be built in the Puerto Rico Convention Center District, with seven theater halls, and one in premium large format. On June 19, 2019, Caribbean Cinemas celebrated its 50th anniversary by offering all movie screenings at opening day prices that day only.

In December 2014, Caribbean Cinemas opened its first premium large format theater hall, dubbed Caribbean Cinemas Extreme (CXC), at Las Catalinas Mall, a premium large screen reserved seating theater format. It utilizes a 4K projector and employs Dolby Atmos sound system, transmitting 128 audio channels and over 30,000 watts of power to over 60 speakers located throughout the hall for a 360° sound. In the following months, four more theater halls have been converted in locations at Plaza las Américas, Plaza del Caribe, Plaza Guaynabo, and Barceloneta. Montehiedra was added a CXC after its major renovation in 2016, making it the fifth large format screen of the company.

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