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Places in the United States where Spanish is spoken

Get to know places in the United States where Spanish is spoken, which represent attractive territories for many Latinos who seek to be participants in the American dream and within which they hope to find an ideal place to see their families grow, find work and develop widely within the educational field and professional; Do not miss it.

Places in the United States where Spanish is spoken

The Spanish language is basically the second language spoken in the United States, after English; therefore, it is positioned worldwide as the second country to have the largest number of Spanish-speakers.

Even within many of its institutions, bilingualism represented by these two languages ​​is required and is present, among other things, its North American Academy of the Spanish Language, with wide influence within the regulations of Spanish in this country; which was founded in the year 1973 and is based in New York City.

According to statistical data released after the 2019 census in the United States, there were some 60,481,746 Hispanics, without adding residents of Puerto Rico or undocumented immigrants; which indicates the large influx of people with command of the Spanish language in this country.

Regarding the places in the United States where Spanish is spoken, New York City can be highlighted with more than two million speakers, followed by Los Angeles with a million and a half and Houston with approximately one million of them.

However, there are other places where Spanish speaking is prominent, such as San Antonio and Chicago. But it is estimated that the highest concentration of people who speak this language is undoubtedly in Los Angeles, representing 97% of them.

On the other hand, it is opportune to indicate that Spanish is spoken in states such as Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas and Utah, following an alphabetical order within this matter; but in some places with greater relevance than in others.

In addition, it should be noted that this language presents some common varieties such as that spoken by Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Central Americans and Dominicans; that they differ in terms of rhythm and pronunciation; in turn to be endowed with some colloquial expressions typical of their language.

In addition to this, although there are various regional varieties of Spanish spoken in the territory of the United States; all of them are understandable to natives of any other Spanish-speaking region.

The presence of places in the United States where Spanish is spoken has led to the development of countless television programs, movies, and media in Spanish, such as CNN, Telemundo, and Univisión, among others; in addition to radio stations that broadcast their transmissions in both languages.

At the same time, great Latin American artists have been born who have become popular precisely within the United States, such as Ricky Martin, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias and Gloria Estefan; who are characterized by perfect command of English, Spanish and even other languages.

Without a doubt, the Spanish language has gained ground within the United States; including its speech within many of its cities; precisely because of the massive influx of Spanish-speakers in it, who are also gaining ground in terms of written media such as newspapers, books and magazines available in this language.

As an example in this case it is worth mentioning some popular Hispanic newspapers such as La Opinión, El Nuevo Herald and El Diario La Prensa, among others.

It is estimated that over the years Spanish will continue to gain preference within the United States, thanks to the influx of Hispanics in this country and coupled with the fact that it is already one of their main languages ​​today.