Clever is Here to Shake the Ground with New Album “Crazy”

by Natasha Melina

Previously referred to as the industry’s “secret weapon” or “best kept secret,” this has never been the reputation that Clever envisioned for himself. The Alabama native has too much to offer the world for people to not know his name. His crisp angelic voice pairs well with the sultry music everybody loves to hear from him.


Clever’s journey has been a one of a kind jagged road with some unexpected setbacks. Touching on a personal note, he shares “there was a time where I was really growing and developing years ago when I kind of threw it away. Getting in and out of jail, I did some time in prison and held myself back a few years. I think that it made me hard on the inside. I was walking the streets full of pride and kind of humbled myself in a jail cell. To come out swinging, it was definitely a minor setback but it made me who I am for sure.” Despite these obstacles, nothing could hold him back. 



Clever is known for his infamous work and appearances on tracks with superstars like Justin Bieber, Juice WRLD, Snoop Dog, Chris Brown, and Post Malone. Having written some of their most popular songs and being featured on some tracks, Clever’s talent is undeniable. Now he’s ready to take the world on by storm under his own name.


Finally getting the recognition that he has always deserved, Clever is getting his name out there with his new album “Crazy.” He’s undoubtedly excited to be sharing new music with his fans. “I feel great! Just to be out here making some noise, that’s the plan to shake the ground. I’ve learned that in this business it’s a 2-3 year process sometimes to build up to that The Weeknd level, Post Malone level. This being the first foundation type album, it’s definitely been a huge step forward. I’m definitely excited.” 



Clever’s album “Crazy” features song with Juice WRLD, Lil Wayne, Post Malone, Chris Brown, Lil Baby, and even his own 6 year old son who threw in some vocals on “Call Me Nobody,” one of the many real and raw tracks where we hear the artist pour his heart and soul out to his audience.

“Crazy” is an important album to Clever for various reasons. This is his reintroduction to the music world as his own artist and he lets fans into his innermost thoughts. Throughout the creation of the project, he’s also mentioned that the album is dedicated to Juice WRLD and his memory. During an interview, Clever said  “the album itself paying tribute to Juice, you know, I really wouldn’t be on this call without him, not that I wouldn’t have kept pushing forward but I didn’t have to be here without Juice and he really opened a lot of doors so I would definitely say the features on this album inspired the creation of it. To have Post Malone and Juice WRLD on the same record is definitely very fitting because I’m signed to both of them. I was signed to Juice and Grade A in 2018, right around the time that Juice was making some noise and I got to watch him grow as an artist and was kind of playing my part. I felt like Lil Wayne watching Juvenile do his thing for a while and him sitting back playing his role until he had his chance so to have Lil Wayne on the record is dope, I put my 6 year old son on the song with him, he was sitting next to me and added some lalalas to the end of the record and he’s already getting publishing deal offers and so forth.”


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