Daniela Brooker Takes Back the Power in New Single “Hoy”

by Natasha Melina

Daniela Brooker has made her own name in the Latin music genre as she combines both her British and Venezuelan perspectives and cultures to create her own sound.



The pandemic has caused Daniela and her team to adapt under new circumstances. Daniela’s writing sessions are typically virtual but she hasn’t let anything stop her.


When she first released “Taboo” with Adso Alejandro back in June, she premiered a music video which, believe it or not, was shot entirely on her iPhone! The video has since passed the two million mark on YouTube and keeps increasing. Daniela teased that she’s currently working on a remix to “Taboo”.



I recently got to talk to Daniela about her newest single “Hoy”. The lyrics are very empowering for women as Daniela is very direct about expressing her desires in a relationship. Daniela sings “lo quiero hoy hoy, no será mañana será hoy hoy”. which means she’s going to get what she wants when she wants it.



The music video for “Hoy” was shot in Mexico and Daniela tells us that she channeled Britney Spears to get into character since Spears is known for playing characters in many of her music videos.


With this newest single “Hoy”, Daniela has taken back the power not only in her song but in real life as well since too often it’s men singing about intimacy and relationships. The girl gang in the Latin genre continues to grow and Daniela says it’s important for women to sing about these topics since both genders have an intimate side and share similar desires.

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