Juan “Camilo” Sanchez – DJ, Restaurateur & Radio Personality

by Jorge Cano Moreno

Juan “Camilo” Sanchez better known as DJ CAMILO  grew up a Colombian kid from Queens he has build a career that has taken him around the world to countries like London, Paris, Amsterdam, Saint Tropez, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Cannes, Germany, Japan, Finland, Italy and Sweden earning him his other name THE INTERNATIONAL CLUB KING.



As most aspiring DJs trying to build a name he started at a young age doing house parties, sweet sixteens and producing mix tapes to promote himself to promoters in the early 90’s. Camilo debuted his first mixtape called “CAMILO Vol. 1”. Encouraged by the positive response, Camilo began releasing monthly mixtapes and quickly made a name for himself in the NYC club scene. In 2001, he caught the eye of DJ Enuff, who worked at the most popular hip-hop radio station in U.S.A New York’s Hot 97. Along with invited Camilo to join his new DJ crew called The Heavy Hitters.

DJ Enuff

DJ Enuff

After earning himself a spot on Hot 97’s roster, Camilo began hosting his own Saturday night show called “Take It to the Streets,” which was so successful that it led to an additional show on Friday nights called “The Heavy Hitter Hour.” After spotting growing interest in the Latin music market, Camilo started to blend Urban Latino music into the American radio market at HOT 97 – becoming one of the first influential DJs to merge both demographics live on air. Currently, Camilo hosts Hot 97’s daily top programming block from 4PM to 7PM, which is the number one show in the U.S. radio market in that time frame. Camilo also continues to reign supreme as the International Club King; his frequent club tours around the world. Check out his video from JAPAN.

In late 2014, Camilo cemented his status as one of the country’s most in-demand DJs by signing to Jay-z’s Roc Nation – becoming one of the first DJs to join the superstar talent roster. In January of 2016, Camilo announced a new sponsorship deal with 50 Cent’s EFFEN Vodka, after several years representing CIROC as a brand ambassador. Camilo also performed at the critically acclaimed Heineken’s Red Star Access Tour in New York and Philadelphia with G.O.O.D. Music’s President, Pusha T.


For three consecutive years (2013, 2014 and 2015), Camilo has been named the top East Coast DJ by the Global Spin Awards. He has also been named Latin Mixx’s East Coast DJ of the Year, most recently in 2010. That same year, Camilo starred with DJ Enuff and Cipha Sounds in MTV2’s reality show “The Wizards NYC,” which also streamed online at Hot 97.com and was the subject of a full page feature in the New York Daily News. Camilo also documents his adventures as one of the most sought-after DJs in the country via his YouTube series titled, “The Warning Chronicles.”

In addition to his domination of the radio waves and clubs around the world, Camilo has expanded his horizons to the hospitality industry by opening a Latin-fusion restaurant named Blend. Blend became so popular that it is now a trendy restaurant chain with two locations in Long Island City: the original Blend and sister restaurant Blend on the Water, with a third location to open in Astoria, New York scheduled to open in late 2016.

Blend on The Water

Blend on The Water

In 2015, Camilo opened an edgy pizza shop in Long Island City called sLICe already a success. Camilo is a happily married father with two kids who themselves are a mini-celebrities on his Instragram and Snapchat channels. For 18 years Juan “Camilo” Sanchez has build a career making hundreds of thousands of people dance and drink all over the U.S.A and the world now he is building an diverse portfolio of restaurants in New York City. WARNING!!! I’m sure he has other ventures in mind and its just a matter of time until we all hear about it.

DJ Camilo : Slice

DJ Camilo: sLICe



Urban Latino sat  down with Juan “Camilo” Sanchez  at his latest venture sLICe in Long Island City  to talk about his career, his growing restaurant empire and how social media plays into all aspects of his life. Check out this video interview. BLEND ASTORIA the third restaurant in the Blend Chain is opening its doors to the public in January 2017.


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