Dynamic Duo: Camilo Froideval and Dan Zlotnik on Producing Score For Amazon’s ‘Maradona’ During Pandemic

by Miss YaYa Vargas

Grammy-winning composer/producer duo, Camilo Froideval and Dan Zlotnik, officially teamed up in 2011, after years of being hired to work together on several projects. “I was getting calls for so many things, and we worked so well together it just made sense to join forces,’ says Camilo. 

Both were raised in Argentina, and are now based in Mexico City for work. Early on in their quest as a team, Dan and Camilo shared stories of their adolescence, realizing they lived parallel lives touring as musicians as part of two different bands throughout their hometown, but don’t remember having met. Now the two create elaborate orchestral arrangements for the screen, big and small.


Uncertain of how he was going to make music his primary source of income, Dan made a living as a touring musician at the start of his career, eventually performing with the likes of Gloria Gayner and headlining in Madison Square Garden with Juanes. A 3-time Grammy Award winner, as well as a 6-time Latin Grammy Award winner, Dan has a wide breadth of experience in the composing sphere. His trajectory also consists of working as a film and tv composer for HBO and Amazon and several movies, as well as working on more than 180 shows yearly, over the course of ten years, including the Netflix series ‘La Casa de las Flores’.





Camilo, on the other hand, began his career at the age of 16 as a studio recording musician, always certain this was the path he wanted to take. He is also a Grammy Award winner, having had the opportunity to produce multiple albums for artists such as Bengala, Ely Guerra, and Hello Seahorse. One of his many big screen credits includes composing the music for ‘Mr. Pig’, a film by actor/ director Diego Luna, starring Maya Rudolph and Danny Glover, about an old-school pig farmer who sets off on a roadtrip across the border to save his family farm. 


Together, the pair have composed several original scores over the course of a decade, including Netflix’s ‘Selena: The Series’, as well as the ‘Luis Miguel: La Serie Final’ program,  in which they also produced some of the original songs, including a track for the actor who plays the “Mariah Carey” character. 

Dan and Camilo’s most recent body of work is the music for ‘Maradona: Sueño Bendito (Blessed Dream)’, an Amazon Prime original series that delves into the life and career of world-famous Argentinian soccer player- Diego Maradona. 

All of the footage and musical arrangements were complete pre-pandemic. However, an impulse during lockdown made Dan and Camilo throw it all out the window and start from scratch. “We were very satisfied with what we created, but then we said ‘let’s create something even better’,” says Dan about the creative process. 

The remote aspect added interesting challenges to their work, having a team of people contributing from Argentina, to Mexico City and anywhere in between, emailing music files to bring it all together thanks to modern technology. From the strings recorded in a Buenos Aires studio, to using household kitchenware, to having musicians play traditional instruments in new ways, up to recreating the full stadium sound, they produced an intense soundtrack to go right along with Diego Maradona’s impassioned story.

“We make sure to create unique soundtracks for every project. That’s why people trust our work, [showrunners] know we tailor our sound according to each unique story, no two projects will ever sound the same,’ says Camilo about their appeal. The two go so far as to be on set while filming to make sure actor’s are comfortable if there is a song they have to perform, or to get more inspiration for arrangement tweeks.  

The next couple of projects for Dan and Camilo are so hush hush, legally they couldn’t give any details besides one being a major motion picture and the other, a new Netflix series about another super famous Mexican singer-songwriter. 

All in all, the dynamic duo are grateful to be able to work seamlessly together, and  look forward to continue being the masterminds behind the soundtracks of our lives.


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