Jennifer Lopez Encourages Breaking Free from Toxic Relationships in New Music Video for “In the Morning”

by Natasha Melina

Jennifer Lopez closed out 2020 with a bang, delivering an iconic performance on New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, performing “In the Morning” for the first time ever. To kick off the new year, Jennifer Lopez debuts the official music video to her single “In the Morning” which first hit the internet on November 27th, 2020. Prior to the release, the song began to gain attention when Lopez shared the official cover art for the single, featuring her naked and glowing.


Lopez first teased the music video on Christmas Day as a gift to her fans. Directed by Jora Frantzis who’s popular work includes “Medicine” by Jennifer Lopez, “A Palé” by Rosalía, and “Money” by Cardi B, the music video first streamed exclusively on Triller for 48 hours but is now available for everyone to see on all streaming platforms.



Queen Lopez shared a special message with fans on Instagram, letting them know the real meaning behind the song and to expect a lot of symbolism. Lopez wrote, “And I loved you even more than I loved me …I am soooo excited for you to see the official video for #InTheMorning It’s full of symbolism about a dark one-sided relationship and the realization that you can’t change anyone else … you can only change yourself!!! Grow your own wings and walk away from anyone or anything that doesn’t truly value all you have to offer.”

In the cinematic masterpiece that is the “In the Morning” music video, there are many jaw dropping moments. When Lopez promised symbolism, she really brought it! 



Jennifer Lopez wears a dazzling headpiece designed by Marianna Harutunian that is made to look like a cage representing the feeling of entrapment in a toxic relationship. But throughout most of the video, Lopez is wearing looks that symbolize her liberation. The beautifully crafted angel wings (courtesy of Mother Plucker) that Lopez wears along with nothing else and the full on mermaid look by Manuel Albarran and Iggy Soliven. And let’s not forget the iconic moment where J.Lo breaks free from a constricting dress, allowing butterflies to emerge and fly away! The choice Lopez made to portray all of the looks including the infamous naked angel and mermaid perfectly represent the newfound freedom one finds when leaving a dark relationship like the one the singer says the song is about.

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