The Law Firm Gorayeb and Sisa Pakari Distribute 500 bags of Food In Woodside, NYC

by Miss YaYa Vargas
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On a beautiful Saturday morning, the law firm Gorayeb & Associates teamed
up with the  not-for-profit Sisa Pakari, to distribute 500 bags of food in Woodside
Queens, New York one of the hardest-hit areas affected by COVID 19 .
This was the first of 5 planned events to help out mostly Latinos economically affected by the recent pandemic. Residents stood in line for hours for a bit of help from Gorayeb & Associates the law firm that is trying to help a community that is such need of help during these difficult times.
Ya Ya Vargas reports from the Food Distribution

Ya Ya Vargas reports from the Food Distribution

As Ya Ya Vargas walked the line, getting to know as many people as possible,she learned all were grateful for the food they were about to receive. Most people waiting in line are undocumented New Yorkers who lose their jobs due to layoffs and business closures. This is a population hardest hit as a result of being unable to receive government aid.

Fanny Guadalupe & Ya Ya Vargas

Fanny Guadalupe & Ya Ya Varga

Sisa Pakari’s mission, “is to revive the identity, culture in the migratory process and
counseling migrant workers when they have been victims of wage theft and work
accidents”. Fanny Guadalupe, director of the organization, was on hand with over 20
volunteers. As she spoke over the megaphone throughout the day, reminding
everyone to keep social distancing in mind, she added, “el distanciamiento de hoy
es el abrazo de mañana”, meaning, the social distancing of today is the hug of tomorrow.
Gloria B (Amor 93.1) & Ya Ya Vargas

Gloria  B (Amor 93.1) & Ya Ya Vargas


Gorayeb & Associates, is known for its law practices, from workplace lawsuits to slip
and fall cases in the Latino community. Its service extends year-round with
outreach supporting numerous local Hispanic initiatives and organizations
MarìaUrgiles, a Gorayeb associate, says ” it’s important to be able to help everyone,
especially undocumented workers who don’t have access to all the resources from
the United States administration.” Urgiles continued to say this was “the first of three food distributions in the Woodside area, yet plans were being made to branch out to the other five boroughs the next few weeks the next few months.”

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