Maffio Introduces Us to La Prima de Cristina, “Elma Maria”

by Natasha Melina

Dominican hitmaker Maffio is at it again and this time he brings along Darell and Don Miguelo to deliver the fun new summer anthem “Elma Maria.” For those who know Maffio’s hit song “Cristina” with Justin Quiles, Nacho, and Shelow Shaq, you’ll be happy to know that Cristina and Elma Maria are actually cousins explaining why the two tracks are the best party songs to get your summer going.



Following the enormous success he had with his debut album “TumbaGobierno” back in November, Maffio has been hard at work creating new music that he knows listeners will love. Right before getting to work on the new single, the Grammy-Nominated artist says he had a moment where he went “hold on, we’ve gotta get the streets on fire again so that’s when we got in the studio and did this song in two hours.” Starting completely from scratch, Maffio made the beat in 40 minutes and they recorded the song in an hour. 


The first edit of the music video had caught Maffio by surprise as he shared that he didn’t know what had happened and where things went wrong. Always being the most positive person in the room, Maffio doesn’t see a problem, he instead looks for a solution and that’s what he did when he sat down with the director and editor for hours until they got it right. There were scenes that had to be cut because in the end, it didn’t add to the video. The final version that we’re playing on repeat is an entire party with Maffio, Darell, and Don Miguelo enjoying themselves dancing, drinking, and being an entire vibe. You can even catch Maffio playing the sax and djing, being the life of the party! Everything you see was carefully decided including the unique style choices of the artists and the dancers who wear outfits and headpieces that give off a futuristic feeling. 



The entire process of creating “Elma Maria” was very organic.  That’s what music needs to be about, being organic and making the people dance. There’s so much going on in the world, we need to give them that escape where they can have fun,” says Maffio. The track does exactly that, blending each artist’s creative voices and sounds with Maffio ultimately being the engineer and producer behind the track, directing Darell and Don Miguelo on what would sound good and contributing to the writing process. It’s undeniable that the song has a catchy beat that just makes you want to dance along and lyrics that stay stuck in your head *in a good way*

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