Maria G. Valdez’s Unplanned Journey to Success

by Natasha Melina

“Nothing in my life has turned out how I planned it but that has made it so much fun.”


Maria G. Valdez is a noteworthy media professional who has built her career from the ground up. Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, Valdez fell into the world of journalism when she was searching for a job that would allow her to put her communications degree to good use. The stars aligned and she was able to secure a reporter position at Ritmo Social, a magazine that comes within the island’s most popular newspaper Listín Diario. Through this role, Maria G. Valdez covered social activities and attended important events including golf tournaments and interviews with celebrities such as Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales.


Driven by her dream of becoming a singer, Valdez found herself moving to New York City to study musical theater. Although she would book background roles in movies, Valdez found herself drifting from this dream as she decided this was no longer the life for her. 


Taking a step back, Valdez decided to go back to her roots and continue her career in journalism. With nerves reminding her that she didn’t have much experience writing in english, Maria G. Valdez didn’t let anything hinder her passion. Adapting quickly, she found herself joining the team at Latin Times where she began as a reporter and worked her way up to editor. 



After five years at Latin Times, Valdez was hired as the lead editor at Popsugar’s Latina section covering beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment content. She was there up until the pandemic began where her position was left vulnerable. This was the end of one chapter for Maria G. Valdez but little did she know, it was the beginning of a very special chapter.


“Es mejor pedir perdón que pedir permiso.”


When the pandemic began, many of us scattered to find where we belong or to hold on to what we had. Like the rest of us, Valdez also searched to find a way she can continue pursuing her passions in media and journalism while monetizing it. Out of this, New Musica Latina was born, a media outlet created by Valdez that would bring the hottest celebrity news and interviews to its audience. This platform awoke something in Valdez making her feel inspired and empowered. She would eventually join Artistry & Records as a publicist. Intimidated by her own fears, Valdez wasn’t sure about this since she had no prior experience in public relations. Luckily, she’s been surrounded by a great team who quickly trained her to manage projects with popular artists like Lenny Tavárez, Anuel AA, and Farina. 


It’s easy to get caught up in all of the excitement that comes with working in the media industry until imposter syndrome strikes. A word of advice from Maria G. Valdez, “honestly, I try to take a step back from everything that I’m doing. I realize that maybe I’m not doing what I want to be doing but I look at where I am and although things may not have taken the turns I wanted, I get to enjoy a great life and do something that I’m passionate about all while having fun at work which not everyone gets to do. Take key moments in your life when you felt happy with your career, when you felt what you were doing was good. And if you’re not in the position that you want to be in, tell yourself this is just temporary.”

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