Matt Hamilton Stars in Disney + Series “Turner & Hooch”

by Natasha Melina

You might recognize Matt Hamilton from shows like Supernatural, Marvel’s Legion, The Babysitters Club, and many others but now the actor stars in the much awaited Disney Plus series “Turner & Hooch,” a continuation of the 1989 Tom Hanks classic film.

Hamilton portrays the role of Trent Havelock, a Senior Deputy Marshal to Scott Turner who is Tom Hanks’ character’s son and is played by Josh Peck. Bringing together action and comedy, the “Turner & Hooch” series is perfect for everyone in the family to watch!



During my interview with Matt Hamilton, he shares that his and Josh Peck’s characters clash at times since they are polar opposites. Turner being a “bumbling idiot,” in Hamilton’s words and Havelock being more of a jerk, the two shoot plenty of scenes together and just as there is banter between the characters, it’s fun to know that they have that same playful behavior off screen as well.

There’s no question that Matt enjoys “tormenting” Peck as he’s shared on social media and confirmed during our conversation. They have become like brothers and enjoy joking around both on and off set. Being that the show encourages its actors to improvise, Hamilton shares a behind the scenes secret – Josh Peck is always the first one to crack in a scene without fail!



With “Turner & Hooch” now available for streaming on Disney +, Matt Hamilton is extremely excited for fans to finally watch and and enjoy the show in hopes that it will bring people together with laughter.

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