Lucy Calcines, Semi-Finalist on Coach’s Team on this Season of The Voice UK

by Natasha Melina

Lucy Calcines is the brilliant young Latina who stunned judges earlier this season on The Voice UK when she got all four coaches (, Meghan Trainor, Tom Jones, & Olly Murs) to turn their chairs. 

The experience of being coached by on the show has opened a new door and plenty of opportunities for Calcines as she made history being the very first Latina to star on The Voice UK. Not only was Lucy the first Latina to star on the show but she also made the bold decision to audition with a Spanish song, “Mi Gente” by J Balvin. None of the coaches stood a chance against who wanted Lucy on his team so bad that he even name dropped J Balvin into the conversation, telling Calcines that he wanted to send Balvin a clip of her singing to his song.

Her journey to the popular singing competition started when the show’s producers came across Calcines’ Youtube Channel and saw videos of her singing. They were quickly impressed and reached out to the young star to see if she was interested in auditioning. After being asked if she’d like to audition, Lucy shares her initial thought was “not really” due to a bit of fear. That was until she realized that she had absolutely nothing to lose and no matter the outcome, the experience would be positive.



Now, Lucy Calcines currently holds the title of semi-finalist on The Voice UK and has learned so much from coach Since the show’s production has come to a halt due to the pandemic, she’s been putting out so much of her own content and has even released a brand new single titled “OFFICIAL” which premiered August 23rd.



Lucy is a star in every sense of the word. She’s a complete one woman show, a fantastic vocalist, songwriter, producer, and performer!


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