Morelli: From Writing for Camilo and Mau y Ricky to Making His Debut as an Artist with “Mala Conmigo”

by Natasha Melina

The Colombian songwriter and composer, Morelli has many credits under his belt, having worked alongside some of the biggest names in Latin music like his lifelong friend Camilo, Mau y Ricky, Gente de Zona, and Jessie Reyez. The hitmaker is coming out from behind the scenes to fulfill his dream of being a musician. Bringing something fresh and new to latin music, Morelli is full of positive vibes and the desire to make people feel good with his music.


“I love making music and it’s what I want to do for the rest of my life.” – Morelli


The journey to success has been an exciting one for Morelli, having been a Latin Grammy nominee not once but twice! Making the accomplishment even more meaningful is the fact that one of the nominations was for Song of the Year for Camilo’s song “El Mismo Aire,” a song that Morelli co-wrote. The track is featured on Camilo’s most recent album “Por Primera Vez’ and was written with the thought of what the best friends would feel if their partners were to ever leave them.



Gaining a lot of recognition for his work alongside latin superstars, one defining project for Morelli came from Camilo inviting him to Miami for a writing session where they crafted what we now know as “La Boca.” After writing the song, Morelli went back to Colombia and worked on other things until a month later when Mau y Ricky heard the track and were eager to sing it, they featured their brother-in-law Camilo on it and took it to a whole new level. The success that was to come with the song was a happy surprise for Morelli and all involved, it became a summer anthem and overall one of the biggest hits he’s written. The song becoming a hit wasn’t the only positive to come out of the song, Morelli grew a lot closer with Mau y Ricky and Ricky invited him back for the filming of the music video. Morelli says that since that life-altering moment, he’s been in Miami ever since.


As many hits as he would write for other artists, it was always in the stars for Morelli to debut as an artist and be the one to sing the captivating songs he writes. This has always been his dream since childhood and the journey to arriving here has been remarkable. The thought that Morelli put into his debut, the back and forth he would go through in his head were all important in the decision-making process of releasing his breakout single “Mala Conmigo.” 



Choosing his first single would set the course of his career, before deciding this was the right song to go with, Morelli says that every time he would write a new song, he would think that it’s better than the last until he wrote this one. He knew there was something special about it when he would hear it and it would just make him feel good and put the biggest smile on his face. This is a feeling he wanted to share with everyone. 


The star-studded music video was directed by Camilo’s wife, Evaluna Montaner and it features both Camilo and Evaluna as well as Morelli, Paula Macher, and Mau y Ricky. Morelli shares that the day of filming was like any other day, the friend group enjoyed a chill day at the pool and goofed off. You can tell how much fun they all had while shooting the organic home movie style video and they completely made us jealous because they are absolutely friend goals!


Morelli happily told us all about his thought process saying “this is crazy. It’s a dream come true. I still can’t believe that my career as a singer has kicked off. A few days ago, I was still questioning what to release and what my audience would like to hear but that moment has passed and in my heart, I felt I had to just release my music for it to be out on all platforms, for people to listen to it and make it their own. Now that the song is out, I feel a lot calmer and confident about the entire process. I’m ready to release my next single now!” Always full of positivity and buenas vibras, Morelli will undoubtedly continue to bring us hit songs but making it even better, we’ll get to hear them coming from him allowing us to hear the heart and soul he pours into each work of art he writes.

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