NFX Talks About New Music & Underground Hip Hop Culture in Chile

by Natasha Melina

Growing up in Chile where the music culture includes graffiti and underground music, NFX’s interest in rap was caught at a young age. He began to rap at 13 years old but realized he could make a career out of it when he turned 18. NFX has built a name and reputation for himself in the underground music scene throughout Latin America, becoming featured in Red Bull’s Batalla de Los Gallos and one of their featured artists in the Laboratorio: La Habana as well as releasing albums and garnering millions of views on certain tracks like “Warzone.”



The Latin underground music scene has more popularity in Latin America so NFX schooled me a bit on how important it is especially in Chile. The music, the style, and the lyrics are much more than just music – it’s a lifestyle. Diving deeper in conversation, he spoke about how meaningful the lyrics are because they’re rapping about real life and important issues whether it be politics or personal things. It’s important to keep it real. 


NFX says that the genre stays prominent due to rappers being able to stay persistent in maintaining their own niche which listeners admire. His most recent album “Bushido Thunderstorm” has been a fan favorite featuring one of his most popular songs to date “War Zone” as well as “Skillz” to which he has released the highly anticipated music video. There is more music on the way as NFX continues to evolve as an artist and storyteller.


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