PANAME RESTAURANT – A Neighborhood French Bistro

by Zeitlin Perez


Paname French Restaurant

Paname” is slang for “Paris” but it is also the name of a neighborhood French restaurant located on 2nd Ave between 56th & 57th Streets also known as Midtown East in New York City. Paname is a 60 seat classic French bistro with a twist that opened in November 2014.

Chef and owner Bernard Ros incorporates African and Asian influences into his culinary creations. he is also the pastry Chef and if that wasn’t enough he is also the wine director. Chef Ros a native of Paris grew up in the family restaurant business where he worked the front and back of the house and considers his mother and his older sister a great inspiration. For the last 40 years he has lived in New York City where he owned and operated Le Deauville, Café Comedy & Meli Melo.


Tuna Tartare with light sesame chili oil

Pate Maison Aux (House Pate): Foie gras was dense, hearty, classic style oreparation, the more popular consistency is smooth, velvety texture, almost the feel of butter

Baby Octopus Cornichons: The Winner!! cooked to perfection, light, tender and very flavorful, reminiscent of Caribbean cuisine seasoning

Baby Octopus Cornichons

Bouillabaise– (my favorite, flavorful broth): A labor of love, Bouillabaise is a traditional Provençal fish stew originating from the port city of Marseille, Chef Ros carefully cooks his for 4 hours to marry all the flavors and bring out the very best in each ingredient. Northern African and Southern French influence in terms of the seasoning; saffron and a anise are the star ingredients in this dish creating a burst of rich flavor with every bite. Its recommended to get a refill on the bread because you are going to want to soak it for every last delicious drop

Nos Entrees:

Duck : Perfectly cooked, crunchy skin and deliciously seasoned duck meat, however a little dry, served with quinoa for a lighter finish

Beef Bourguignon: Only available nine months out of the year (Jan – May, Sept – Dec). A traditional French dish that originates from the Burgundy region in France. Perfect rich and hearty dish for a cold New York Day or Night. It is a stew prepared with beef braised in red wine, traditionally red Burgundy, and beef broth, flavored with garlic, onions and garnished with pearl onions towards the end of the cooking process.

Beef Bourguignon


Floating Island: this dessert was a crowd pleaser and show stopper, prepared with an egg white with English cream float and nuts, deliciously light finish to a heavy dinner.


Manhattan: A true New Yorker likes a Manhattan with any meal and Whiskey lovers are going to be especially thrilled with the bold and handsome serving perfectly prepared and chilled

Chef Ros

Chef Bernard Ros carefully selects the perfect pairing of wine to compliment his delicious French menu. Throughout the night Chef Ros overlooks the dining area ensuring that every table is attended to, every detail is thoughtfully planned out and every guest is treated like family at Paname.


Paname Interior

Paname Restaurant

1068 2nd Ave – New York, NY 1022

For Reservations: (212) 207-3737


Social Media: 

       Open 7 Days a Week

Noon – 3pm for Lunch
5 to 10 pm for Dinner

  • Happy hour 12-7p
    • $7 wine
    • $5 beer
    • $10 cocktails
  • Brunch
    • 3-course @ $26/pp with complimentary mimosa or bloody mary & coffee
    • Easter Specials
      • Brunch [11:30 – 3p] @ $35
      • Dinner [5 -10p] @ $40

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