Republic Records’ Yung Gravy Releases NEW Album “Gasanova” & Shares What Inspires His Music

by Natasha Melina

Minnesota rapper, Yung Gravy has triumphed in the music scene thanks to his career on SoundCloud which he started in 2017. There were a few songs that gained a lot of recognition and quickly skyrocketed him to fame such as Mr. Clean and 1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot”. 

Yung Gravy was always a fan of music and entertainment, first getting a taste in high school when he would freestyle with his friends. At that time, Gravy hadn’t thought anything of it and it wasn’t until later on at the end of his college career that he began to take music seriously and pursued it as a career. He credits his initial inspiration of creating music to witnessing Lil Yachty’sOne Night blowing up in popularity on SoundCloud after a close friend of his who attended high school with Lil Yachty shared the track with Gravy


The rapper attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison and during a press conference to discuss the new album Gasanova, said that after deciding to create music he thought to himself, “I’m going to hide my identity and not tell anybody about it”. According to Gravy, he managed to do this for six to twelve months. The reason behind remaining anonymous was because he wanted to preserve a sense of normalcy and privacy in his life. Once his song Mr. Clean started to blow up as much as it did, he needed an amazing music video which complicated things, leading to Yung Gravy “fully committing” by finally revealing his identity to his fan base. 

The Republic Records talent has been busy over recent years, selling out headline tours and debuting his first album Sensationaljust last year. After the release of Yung Gravy’s debut album, it managed to climb to the top of the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart, landing in the Top 5 and accumulating over 1 billion streams.



Gravy is all about the hustle and didn’t let a lockdown stop him from creating new music, let alone an entire sophomore album (Gasanova). He started working on the album back in January before the pandemic hit and ended up finishing the album at the house he grew up in, located in Minnesota. 


The artist describes his sound as “trap soul” because he uses soul samples and trap beats in his music. Gravy is heavily influenced by all genres of music and even has tracks Yup & Welcome to Chilis sample some Latin sounds. When I had the pleasure of talking to Gravy, I asked him what drew him into using Latin sounds in his music and he mentioned “that’s another sound that I had a little obsession period over. I like salsa and I guess Tito Puente is the go-to. I had a big Tito Puente phase. Those songs in particular, actually came together where the guy that I work on samples with works for other artists as well and Selena Gomez’s team hit him up to make a bunch of Cuban-specific influenced samples and she didn’t use them so I had them all at my disposal. They were all so fire.” 


Yung Gravy is a unique rapper who uses his carefree attitude to inspire others. In reference to his music, Yung Gravy said  “the confidence that it gives some people is my favorite part, people feel more confident listening to it, just sort of the not give a f**k, just confident happy vibes. I think it makes a lot of people feel a certain way.” 

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