Tank and the Bangas Release New EP “Friend Goals” & Breaks Down The Message Behind the Record For Us

by Natasha Melina

Grammy-nominated Tank and the Bangas show us what true friends goals are with their EP that was released earlier today (November 20th, 2020).  The studio album follows the group’s success of the 2019 album “Green Balloon” which was the first project they released since signing with Verve Forecast Records. “Green Balloon” explored different themes like the changing definition of green throughout each of the songs.


“Friend Goals” is an album that is sure to bring you joy and make you dance. The title alone is so positive and heartwarming, matching the vibe that New Orleans group, Tank and the Bangas give off. 



When speaking to Tank and the Bangas, I witnessed the excitement they felt in anticipation for this new EP and for all of their fans to hear it. They are sweet, humble, and totally friend goals!


I asked the group what vibe and message “Friend Goals” gives off and they each chimed in with great responses. 



Tank shares that the EP is “so much fun! I listen to the EP so much on my own. The reason it’s called Friend Goals’ is because it’s a collaboration with all of our friends, all of these amazing special New Orleans artists. The EP is fun, it gets you moving, it’s got a sexy little vibe to it. It’s sure to keep you moving for sure. And all of it’s about our lives so ‘Fluff’ is about my first experience at Coachella. ‘Friend Goals’ is about a little boy we saw painting a picture of himself alone, he wanted friends. From that picture, we crafted an entire song. TSA’ comes from our experience travelling all over the world and TSA constantly taking our sh*t. ‘To Be Real’ is a song for everyone at home, a song that they can bump to. We needed that moment for everyone at home, it’s so much fun. Every song means something different to us.” 


Joshua Johnson, drummer of the group says “it’s got a little bit of that everything! Norman Spence being so positive in his response says “everything was made with good vibes and good intentions. Every song has a purpose or started from an organic space so I think it’s felt.” I can confirm that when listening to the EP, the good vibes are definitely felt! Saxophone and flute player, Albert Allenback says “in context to 2020, we have a crisis of respect and stability, with all our friends on this, this is a really good model of friendships that are non-toxic and based in self-care. 



Tank and the Bangas also released the official video to “To Be Real” alongside their friends Hasizzle, Keedy Black, and Big Choo. The song brings New Orleans roots to mainstream music. Tank of the group shared a message about the track on her Instagram, “bounce music is so special to the people of New Orleans because we grew up with it. We shake a long day away and twerk like our ex is watching lol it’s time for us to bring it back, and work with some special artists that only New Orleans can provide. This the one y’all.”

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