Urban Latino Archives: Notch “Mr. Dale Pa Tra” Breaks Down Career Highlights & Talks Upcoming Music

by Natasha Melina

Notch is famous for hits like “Dale Pa Tra,” “Oye Que Bueno,” “Que Te Pica,” and so many more. As he says himself he’s “Notch your average artist,” a play on words expressing that he’s more than you’d expect an artist to be. His creative direction is one of a kind as well as his production skills. He’s always been unafraid of making the music that he wants to make which has led him to having success within the music industry.



The singer-songwriter has been making hit records early on since the 1990s. Before he became a solo artist, Notch was part of the reggae and hip-hop duo Born Jamericans alongside Edley Shine. Together, the pair released a debut album, were featured on the soundtrack of the film Kla$h, and toured the world with various artists. 


We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Notch where we had the chance to reminisce about the past and the times that we here at Urban Latino had Notch featured on the cover of our magazines. Notch has nothing but fond memories of shooting the covers and even shared that he always sees his Urban Latino cover displayed at his dad’s house every time he visits.


Coming from a very diverse background, Notch has African, Jamaican, and Puerto Rican roots to name a few. Having these roots and influences are a large contributor to Notch’s sound. The artist mixes both Jamaican and Latin sounds together which has given us the music that we love from him today. 


Singer Notch arrives at the Los Premios MTV Latin America 2007 at the Palacio de los Deportes on October 18, 2007 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by John Parra/WireImage)


His music touches everyone from the generations that grew up with him, to younger crowds, and even the hearing impaired. 



Notch shared that his mom has always been hearing impaired and that with such a huge love for music, she can always feel it through vibration. He says “I could never understand how she could love music but wasn’t hearing it as much but she felt the vibration. I think my very first trip and performance in the Bahamas back in ‘93-’94, I remember arriving at the airport, going to the festival locally, and a deaf kid came up and was mimicking me. He was like acting out me in music videos and was trying to cry out what he feels when he’s watching the video or hearing the music. I think that made my eyes water. The fact that even sound sometimes can be heard by people who don’t hear sound but they feel sound.”


This moment clearly meant so much to Notch. Not only being able to connect with a fan on such a deep level but that fan experience also allowed Notch to better understand his own mom. 


The talented vocalist says he’s accumulated a lot of music throughout the years and with so many unreleased tracks, he hinted at the possibility of new music coming in 2021

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