Cameron J. Wright Says Lots More Family Fun Adventures Will Come in Season 2 of Netflix’s Family Reunion

by Natasha Melina

Already having earned the title of triple threat, 15 year old Cameron J. Wright is a passionate actor, singer, and dancer, although he humbly says dancing isn’t his strong suit. Recognized for his role playing Mazzi on Netflix’s Family Reunion alongside seasoned actors like Tia Mowry, Anthony Alabi, Loretta Devine, and Richard Roundtree, Wright has quickly won over the love of viewers everywhere. Never leaving music behind, he also forms part of the boy band NCredible Crazy Kids



Before making acting and music into a career, Cameron J. Wright could be seen belting out lyrics to a song just about anywhere. Music has always been extra special to the actor and musician as he shares “everything with me started with music so when I was very little, everyone in my family could tell that I just had a passion for it. Every time a song would come on, I’d just start singing in the car, I would grab whatever was closest to me and I would use it as my microphone. I would just act like I was performing on stage.” 


With undeniable natural born talent, Wright’s mom encouraged him to follow his love of music by putting him in piano lessons so that he would be challenged. It wasn’t long after that he incorporated singing into his time playing piano. Cameron J. Wright has always drawn pleasure from performing and eventually began to dabble in acting. Wright says “once I started to perform on stage, the stage was my home.” And the rest is history.



With the premiere of Family Reunion’s second season, Cameron and I of course had to speak about everything major that has happened to his character, Mazzi, on the show so far. Being one of the younger characters on the show, Wright typically has plenty of fun adventures and shenanigans going on. But one of the highlights of the family series is that they don’t shy away from important issues such as racism and gender stereotypes. These are both issues that Mazzi has had to face. Cameron shares why it’s important to him personally to discuss these issues on the show, “it opens a bunch of windows for kids and families to talk about issues. I really just hope we’re able to teach a good lesson to everyone. That’s the main goal and if we’re able to do that then I’m really happy.” It’s a great show with lots of family fun and valuable lessons that can be enjoyed by all ages. We would never want to give any spoiler alerts so Cameron J. Wright says that in season two, you can expect a lot more crazy adventures along with a lot of character growth for Mazzi!


Season two of Family Reunion is now streaming on Netflix!

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